Have you ever wondered exactly what your monthly tuition buys? Most parents aren’t sure exactly what the tuition covers. Private music instruction seems expensive, but lesson fees include much more than my music expertise and your actual lesson time.

Planning and Preparation

Not only is time spent preparing lessons, evaluating new music, and studying the most current interpretations and editions; time is also spent planning recitals and festivals, and scheduling lessons and annual events.

Studio Supplies and Maintenance

It takes a lot of equipment and supplies to run two piano studios. These costs include: printing, student awards and certificates, recital expenses, monthly workshop expenses, repairs and maintenance of (4) pianos, music publications, website fees, computer equipment upgrades, music theory and composition software, sheet music, CD’s.

Professional Fees

I am able to provide many performance opportunities for all of my students, in every level. My students participate in a range of events, including evaluations, auditions, local or regional competitions. I can give this opportunity to all of my students because of my qualifications to join each group and I pay annual professional association dues to each group.

Continuing Education

It’s important for teachers to continue their own growth as a teacher and performer. I find that taking private coaching lessons, and attending music seminars inspires me as a teacher and a performer. Many of my music teachers’ groups such as the Music Teachers’ National Association and the Music Teachers’ Association of California have annual conferences that I attend. Traveling to conferences is an investment that help to bring new ideas to my teaching and studio.  I also pay fees to maintain my national certification. In 2012, I received my Permanent Professional Certification from MTNA for 15 years of national certification.

Business Fees

I have business licenses for each location, liability insurance, special insurance on the pianos. After my studio expenses are cleared, I pay and additional 15.3% self- employment tax in addition to my regular tax payments, close to 50%.


Time is also spent keeping you informed of studio activities through the studio newsletters, the Wenjen Piano Studios website, and e-mail reminders. In addition, I must type at least one application per student plus judges’ papers for each event a student enters. I am also required to volunteer many hours to every organization that provides these student opportunities.

Volunteering in Music Organizations

I am currently on the CAPMT State Board as President-Elect, past Recording Secretary, Piano Auditions and Ensemble Auditions chair. I held the Board office of 1st Vice President for MTAC Long Beach for ten years, Webmaster, and Directory committee for the Music Teacher’s Association of Long Beach and was the Piano Auditions Chair and Ensemble Auditions Chair for the California Association of Professional Music Teachers. I am also the Senior Medallion Chair for the MTAC South Bay Branch. These are all unpaid positions in which I volunteer my time. I also serve as an adjudicator for several events, which requires a full day of evaluating and only a few hours of monetary compensation. I also have to attend music conventions, enroll students in events, and keep up my own performing in order to maintain my national certification status. I believe in complete professionalism and only the highest standards in my studios.

Lifelong Educational benefits

Music education is expensive, but it is a lifetime investment. Studies have shown that students who practice a keyboard instrument at least 15 minutes daily have scored up to 47% higher on tests than those who do not play an instrument. It is also said that keyboard engages all parts of the brain.

Artistic Expression

Most importantly, music is a universal language that we can all share, as audience or performers. Music is as diverse as the many cultures that exist and its people. It can help to heal sadness, express emotions, and can even tell a joke. I’ve never come across an adult who was sorry that they had taken piano lessons. Some wish that they had practiced more. Others have humorous or fond memories of studying piano with their first music teacher. However, they all feel fortunate that they got to experience a little bit of the magic of music.

You have provided a special gift for yourself or a loved one that can be enjoyed over a lifetime—music. I am privileged to be the piano teacher that you’ve chosen to help bring music into your lives.

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