Performance Workshops (Scroll down for upcoming dates)

   WHO:    Every student in Wenjen Piano Studios attends the performance workshops.  Students from the Torrance studio should expect about a 30 minute drive down to the Seal Beach studio once a month.

    WHAT:    Performance workshops are held for the benefit of the students!  Performance and sharing your music with others are crucial aspects to the joys of learning to play the piano. Performance workshops allow students to share a prepared piece each month with other students and their families in a recital setting.  Workshops help to motivate students to practice by giving them a goal, reason, and time frame to learn a new piece.  It is also very motivating for the students to hear others perform.  Students gain confidence in their abilities to perform and will hear different pieces and new composers that they would like to play.

    WHEN:    Performance workshops are held once a month from September to May, generally on the last Saturday of each month.  During the busy holiday months, workshops will be held on the third weekend of the month.  Please see the Calendar to confirm dates.
    WHERE:    Wenjen Piano Studios in Seal Beach and Torrance, alternating locations monthly.    

    WHY:    Performances enhance the students’ self-confidence, poise, memory, public presentation skills, and musical growth.  Workshops help students to focus on a monthly goal, prepare a collection of pieces for recitals or auditions, and develop one’s listening skills.  
    HOW:    The piece must be memorized at least one week prior to the workshop.  Pieces are performed from memory.  After their name is called, Students take a bow, announce their piece, adjust the piano bench and footstool, play their piece, and bow again after playing.

    Early Workshops at 3:00 p.m.:  These workshops are for students studying method books and pre-classical pieces and generally include students between the ages of three and sixteen-years-old. To keep the attention of our young performers, the early workshop lasts approximately forty-five minutes.  A reception follows each workshop.

    Late Workshops at 4:30 p.m.: Intermediate and advanced students working exclusively on classical repertoire are invited to perform in the late workshops. Adult performers comment on the composer or work that they are performing.  The late workshop lasts approximately one hour.  A reception follows each workshop.

    Don’t miss out on the fun!  Students who miss more than two workshops from September to May will not be eligible for studio awards.

    Performance Workshop Guidelines

1.    Performers should arrive 15 minutes early.  Arrive by (2:45 p.m. for early workshop, 4:15 p.m. for late Recital) Performers playing for the first time should arrive 20 minutes early to take photograph at the piano for the piano student wall.  If you are coming on the freeway, allow extra time for unexpected traffic.  Arriving late for a performance can make the performer nervous, and also disrupts the person playing.  Allow extra time for setting up video cameras and refreshments.  Performers should sit toward the front so that they can easily get up to perform.

2.    **Late Arrivals should not enter the front door--please go around the back to the left and enter through the back yard.  Late arrivals may have to wait until the end of the workshop to perform.

3.    All students are expected to stay the entire workshop, as a courtesy to the other performers.  

4.    Bring your piano book to workshop.  Students may want to look over the music for their workshop pieces before the workshop.

5.     Workshop & Recital attire:  Please dress in appropriate "recital" attire.  The piano workshops are special and celebrate all of the hard work and practice that the students have done during the month.  By dressing in recital attire, we are showing respect to the performers and acknowledging that this is a special occasion.  Students will also feel more comfortable during the formal recitals if they are used to performing in dressy attire. 

    Girls/women:    Wear dresses or skirts that are comfortably loose and not too short.  Remember that skirts rise as we sit down at the piano, and you will have an audience facing the front and side of you!  Dressy sandals are okay, but no flip-flops or tennis shoes.  Avoid spaghetti-straps as they tend to fall off of the shoulders when performing.

    Boys/men:     Wear a button down or collared shirt and nice pants (no shorts or jeans.) (Tie or suit is optional).  No tennis shoes.

    Shoes:     All students should wear dress shoes (dressy sandals for girls are okay.)  Wear leather soles if using pedals.   No jeans or tennis shoes, please.  

    Hair:    Long hair should be arranged away from the face.  

    Nails:    Don’t forget to clip fingernails the day before!!

6.    Photos/Video: Do not take pictures with a flash film during the performances. Do NOT take photos while the performers are playing!  Although it seems like the ideal time to get that action photo, the clicks and flashes during performance are very distracting, and can blind a student’s vision for a few seconds, and cause them to lose their place. Videotaping is allowed during the workshop.  Please do not turn camera on and off between performers if your camera beeps.

   Performance Procedures:
    1. Approach the piano and bow slowly (resting left hand on the piano, right hand by your side, look at the audience, and then look down at your shoes as you bow)
    2.    Announce your piece (Ask Ms. Noreen how to announce your piece)
    3.    Adjust bench and foot stool (try not to let your back face the audience)
    4.    Sit down and put your hands in your lap
    5.  Play your piece
    6.    Put your hands in your lap
    7.    Stand slowly and bow again (with left hand on the piano)
    8.  SMILE!  You’ve accomplished your goal!

8.  Refreshments: Sign-up for food on Food sign-up sheet to balance out reception.  Please bring the refreshments ready to serve, in a platter or serving tray.  Disposable plates are the easiest to clean up!

9.  Clean up:  Parents should help to put away chairs and clean up cups and paper goods after the reception, as there will be another workshop immediately following at 4:30 p.m.