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Summer Music Fun Links

iphone/ipad Games/(Some available as Android Apps)

The Most Addicting Sheep Game **NEW** Rhythm App  (Easy-med) Fun and addicting!

RCM Prep Theory and Lessons  **NEW**

RCM Music Theory Level 1–Lessons and Games **NEW**

RCM Music Theory Level 2–Lessons and Games **NEW**

RCM Music Theory Level 3–Lessons and Games **NEW**

RCM Music Theory Level 4–Lessons and Games **NEW**

Score Creator for iPad-Music notation & Composition - Music composition on the go!  iPhone, iPad **New**

MuseScore Songbook - Online Sheet Music app for iPhone/ipad.  $1.99  Download or upload your own music!

Piano Tiles 

Pro Metronome

Scales Tutor Free ipad order of sharps, key signatures, scales. Great for CM theory practice!

Music Theory with Audio -Free app for iphone/ipad, android, windows 

300 Years of the Piano Read about the history of the piano

Noteworks Free - Doremi World ipad app  Super Fun game for kids!

Ear Trainer Lite -free ipad, iphone, ipod touch. Great for Certificate of Merit Theory practice! 

Scales Tutor Free ipadorder of sharps, key signatures, scales.  Great for CM theory practice! 

Music Tutor Free (sight reading) 

Piano Ear Training Free

Mode Quiz (scales) 

Ringtoner Rington Design free for iphone/ipad/iwatch- Record your own music for ringtones Ringtone for android

Computer Games and Activities:

MuseScore | Free music composition and notation software **NEW**

Listen to the Classics for Kids composer podcast 

Listen to the videos on Scarlatti and the harpsichord!

Complete ANY Activity Sheet 

Comparing tune game  (Easy)

Music Mingles(Easy)

**NEW** Play 20 min. Online Ear Training RHYTHMon the Royal Conservatory Music Development Book and acct. login required

**NEW** Play 20 min. Online Ear Training INTERVALS on the Royal Conservatory Music Development Book and acct. login required

**NEW** Play 20 min. Online Ear Training CHORDS on the Royal Conservatory Music Development Book and acct. login required

**NEW** Play 20 min. Online Ear Training MIX on the Royal Conservatory Music Development Book and acct. login required

Compose Your Own Music (Easy)

Music Match Composers (Easy) 

Music Match Instruments (Easy)

Note Name Game

Time Machines (Elem. school to adults)

Beethoven's Baseball (Elem. school to adults)

Piano ExplorerActivity Sheet

Finale Notepad Composing-download free versionemail composition to Ms. Noreen

Garage Band app $4.99 -Make composition and email to Ms. Noreen

Buy technique books:

3 Dozen a Day exercises 3 Jr. Hanon exercises 3 Hanon exercises 3 Hanon variants exercises 3 Dohnanyi exercises

Buy CM technique Books

Online Videos/Listening

The Best Of YIRUMA | Yiruma's Greatest Hits ~ Best Piano

Van Cliburn Silver Medalist Sean Chen Preliminary Recital 1 Bach, Bartok,  Chopin, Scriabin **New**

Dr. Who Theme Song **New**

Anderson and Roe "Billy Jean" Piano Duet **New**

valentina lisitsa liszt la campanella-Most popular Youtube pianist!  **NEW*(compare with Lang Lang's version!)

How To Read Music Ted Video 

Listen to compositions by award-winning Trailer Composer Erich Lee (studio parent)

Bernstein at 90 **NEW** Free Youtube Video

Horowitz  TV Interview 1977 **NEW**

Sean Chen plays Chopin Etudes, Op. 25 No. 6, Op. 10 No. 10, and Op. 10 No. 1 

Lang Lang - La Campanella (Liszt)

Young-Hyun Cho - Debussy Estampes, III. Jardins sous la pluie 

Claude Debussy "Clair de lune" by Angela Hewitt 

Chopin Etude gis-moll op.25-6 played by Sonosuke Takao

 Muffin Stories : Ludwig van Beethoven | Children's Tales, Stories for kids

Victor Borge (pianist/comedian) and Leonid Hambro Plays The Minute Waltz

Victor Borge (pianist/comedian) - Hungarian Rhapsody

Daniel Barenboim & Lang Lang Mozart Sonata 4 Hands K381 

(Cliburn)Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No.1 Mvt I-1 

Claude Debussy "Clair de lune" by Angela Hewitt  

Carnival of the Animals Intro and "Lions" by Camille Saint Saens

Carnival of the Animals "Aquarium" by Camille Saint Saens

Rhapsody in Blue by Gerschwin, Leonard Bernstein playing & Conducting Part 1

Rhapsody in Blue Part II: 

J.S. Bach Goldberg Variations 1-6 performed by Glenn Gould (This recording is on the Voyager I in space) 

Firkusney plays Dvorak (He is in our family tree of teachers) 

Uchida's Mozart Piano Concerto No. 9 in E-Flat Major

One of my favorite pianists, Murrah Perahia, playing 3rd mvmt. to the Moonlight Sonata

Another favorite, Lang Lang, performing a Chopin Waltz Brillante 

Lang Lang Chopin Piano Concerto No. 2

Firkusney Pictures at an Exhibition

Peter and the Wolf Part 1 -narrated by David Bowie

Peter and the Wolf Part 2 -narrated by David Bowie

Peter and the Wolf Part 3 -narrated by David Bowie

Peter and the Wolf Part 4 -narrated by David Bowie

Star Spangled Banner performed by a Chicken!

Theory Items

Finished lesson 1 CM theory book

Finished lesson 2 CM theory book

Finished lesson 3 CM theory book

Finished lesson 4 CM theory book

Finished lesson 5 CM theory book

Finished lesson 6 CM theory book

Finished the entire theory book I finished the next 2 levels of theory

I can play my CM 2015 Technique

I can play my CM 2015 Technique under the time limit

I memorized my CM 2015 Technique under the time limit

Draw 4 quarter notes, half notes, dotted half notes, and whole notes

Draw 5 treble clefs and 5 bass clefs (for non-CM students only)

Draw 5 quarter rests and 5 half rests (for non-CM students only)

Technique Items

5 Dozen a Day Exercises

5 Jr. Hanon exercises

5 Hanon exercises

5 Hanon Variants Exercises

Dohnanyi exercises

8. What performances did you do this summer?

Performed a SYMF solo

New **Complete the 100 Day Practice Challenge and get your name published in Piano Explorer Magazine!  Download and print this practice chart!Performed a SYMF duet

Performed 2 memorized pieces for my friends or family

Performed in a musical, choir, or concert

9. How many extra music-related items did you complete?

I tuned my piano this summer (pianos should be tuned twice a year)! Email Ms. Noreen for piano technician references

I attended a concert, recital, or musical

I visited a sheet music store and picked out a new piece

I wrote a piece, drew a picture, or wrote a paragraph for the "I Love Music" contest

Books **New**

Planning Your Piano Success; A Blueprint for Aspiring Musicians by Dr. Stewart Gordon (one of my teachers)

For high school and adult students: Anatomy of Thought-Fiction: CHS Report, April 2214 by USC Professor Joanna Demers. It is a philosophical novella and a sequel to my previous book, Drone and Apocalypse. I consider the music of artists like David Bowie, Scott Walker, Kanye West, Actually Huizenga, J Dilla, and The KLF, and ask the question: why do we believe things (of popular music, and of life) that we know are untrue? Anatomy of Thought-Fiction is available here, and you can read more about it here.

I really Should Be Practicing book by Gary Graffman

The Piano Shop on the Left Bank

Story of the Orchestra Listen While You Learn About the Instruments, the Music and the Composers Who Wrote the Music!

Famous Composers Audible-play it in the car!

Lang Lang- Journey of a Thousand Miles: My Story

Music Movies **NEW**

La La Land (PG-13) Lots of singing and dancing!  Mia, an aspiring actress, serves lattes to movie stars in between auditions and Sebastian, a jazz musician, scrapes by playing cocktail party gigs in dingy bars, but as success mounts they are faced with decisions that begin to fray the fragile fabric of their love affair, and the dreams they worked so hard to maintain in each other threaten to rip them apart. https://www.netflixmovies.com/la-la-land-2016

Seymour:  An Introduction View Trailer about Seymour Bernstein, inspirational concert pianist/composer/teacher, directed by Ethan Hawke and watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video $3.99. I met him at the MTNA Conference!

The Sounds of Music (G) Every student should see this one!  $12.99 purchase.

Vitas-Amazon Video $3.99 rental (PG) Trailer Vitus is a 12-year-old boy who almost seems to be from another planet - he has hearing like a bat, he plays piano like a virtuoso and studies encyclopedias. No wonder his parents begin to anticipate a brilliant future for him as a classical pianist. However, the daily pressure of hours of musical practice, his over-protective but well-meaning mother and his father's precarious financial situation lead the boy to seek refuge at his eccentric grandfather's house. Vitus and his grandfather's shared love of flying, mischief and adventure offers Vitus an opportunity at a normal childhood - something the burden of his talent had previously prevented him from. When Vitus employs a ruse pretending he's been robbed of his talent, his future as a piano virtuoso falls at risk.

Mr. Holland's Opus (PG) Amazon Video $3.99 Heartwarming tale about the importance of following your passion. 

The Competition (PG) Amazon Video $3.99 Academy Award� winner Richard Dreyfuss (1977, Best Actor, The Goodbye Girl) and Amy Irving (Carrie) are two classically trained concert pianists who find themselves both competing for one of the most prestigious awards in the music world. The last thing they need in their lives is to fall in love, but when they do, how will it affect the greatest professional moment of their lives?

Dead Again (R) Rent from Amazon or Apple store Thriller about composers reincarnated!

Amadeus (Rated R) Netflix.  F. Murray Abraham earned a Best Actor Oscar for his imperious performance as Antonio Salieri, a mediocre composer whose churlish young rival, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Tom Hulce), wins immortality with his musical genius. Not happy to see his talent eclipsed, Salieri dons a disguise and deviously plots revenge, obsessed with muffling Mozart's maddening laughter.

Shine Rated PG-13 ($2 rental Amazon prime) This moving drama focuses on promising pianist David Helfgott's mental breakdown and re-emergence after a decade of total obscurity to find peace that drove him to the edge his music.


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