See what some of the students and parents have to say about their experience with Wenjen Piano Studios.

The monthly recitals turned out to be not only a joy for my husband and I to attend but also quite motivating for my daughter. She has earmarked a growing list of pieces she has heard the advanced students play that she can’t wait to play herself. There is in addition a supportive camaraderie type atmosphere amongst the families in the studio.

Noreen is a very positive teacher with an infectious energy. She has excellent communication and rapport with my daughter now age 8. The children get constructive yet motivating feedback on their work which makes them try even harder. My daughter has built up much self-confidence with her two years of study, and I find her quite self-motivated in her practice and participation in piano events.
— Dr. Susanna Chan
I have been taking piano lessons from Noreen about two years. Noreen has done so much more than teach me the technical aspects of reading notes. Her teaching technique is thorough, precise and amazingly effective. Every lesson, she impresses me with significant and seemingly small suggestions, all of which invariably improve the quality the compositions I have diligently practiced all week.

I recently participated in National Guild Auditions. The judge was highly complimentary of Noreen, even though they have never met. The judge said that Noreen’s students excelled in both the technical aspects and interpretative skills of playing the piano. I was not surprised with the judge’s comments, having listened to most of Noreen’s students during our monthly workshops. Her students are so impressive. They are, without exception, talented, highly motivated, articulate, and poised.

I started lessons with Noreen after retiring from 25 years as a prosecutor. I was concerned that I would miss the mental stimulation of practicing law. That didn’t happen. With Noreen, learning the piano is physically challenging and mentally stimulating. Lessons and practicing are pure joy. More importantly, Noreen has instilled in me a deep appreciation for music. That appreciation has profoundly impacted every aspect of my life. I go to bed thinking about Chopin, dream about Beethoven, wake up humming Bach and listen to Mozart in my car. My family has developed an appreciation for classical music that I never believed possible.

I will always be grateful to her and would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to learn to play the piano and to love it.
— Candice Horikawa
Ms. Noreen is amazing in her approach to working with children. My son started a year ago and he enjoys it so much. It helps him a lot that she also has monthly workshops where he can perform his pieces and stay motivated. I highly recommend her.
— Alexia Kutzner (Her son started piano at Wenjen Piano Studios at 3 years old)
We have two children ages 10 and 7 who have who studied piano with Noreen Wenjen for 6 and 3 years respectively. We were very, very fortunate to have found the Wenjen Piano Studios. The first time we met her, she went out of her way to help us purchase a piano, using her knowledge and contacts. The studio is very well organized and has high expectations for it’s students. One can not ask for a better piano teacher than Noreen. She is extremely caring, kind, understanding, giving, punctual, easy to work with, very intelligent and knowledgeable, and knows how to push students just the right amount. She relates to each student individually, encouraging playing in areas that they enjoy. Both of our kids enjoy their weekly lessons and any time they spend with Noreen. The studio holds monthly ‘workshops’ and a year end formal recital. This lets her students get very comfortable playing in front of groups of people. Most students also play in the yearly Guild and Certificate of Merit. She also encourages participation in the CAPMT, Bach Festival, Sonatina Competition, SYMF, and local branch recitals. She takes the time to enroll her students in these events and attends most of them personally. With time we’ve seen most of her students develop a personal drive with regards to studying piano which carries over into other aspects of life and learning. We can not express enough how pleased we are with the Wenjen Piano Studios and the fulfillment that it has brought to our children’s lives.
— Steve and Christina Gerschultz
My daughter began her piano career with Noreen Wenjen Piano Studio as a second grader. Noreen has provided what I consider to be the perfect balance of excellent piano instruction, high expectations and discipline, a kind and humanistic teaching approach, and requiring students to perform in workshops and other opportunities that strengthen the skills and motivate the student to practice. It’s hard to imagine a better program than this 360 degree approach. The monthly workshops set a high standard as they serve to motivate students to practice pieces while providing focus and fun with music. The parents and family members also get to enjoy a free concert as a bonus. My daughter is now 16 years old and even with all the other activities teenagers are involved in has wanted to continue on with piano and I know it is because of the excellent instruction and great attitude that Noreen provides. When my daughter goes to college I plan to take over her weekly spot with Noreen!
— Ann Collins
Hi Ms. Noreen,
Just wanted to drop a line and say Hi! I am finishing my second year at UC Berkeley and really love life in NORCAL! This summer I will be at Rutgers University for 10 weeks in the lab conducting experiments and broadening my knowledge in the Neurosciences. Hope you,Mr. Kevin (Krav Maga!) and the kids are well! Thanks always for my music education, it has made a tremendous difference in my life!
— Love, Taylor